Islands In The Night

First Officer's Log - Stardate 48071.2

It’s hard to put together a new crew, but taking care of a task helps bring everyone together and lets us learn each others’ strengths. While I generally prefer to control such tasks, when duty calls, we have no other option but to answer.

Our runabout held two security officers (a human and a Vulcan), two engineers (both Trill), an Andorian junior science officer, and me, all bound for the USS Tethys. On our way, we intercepted a distress call from Xerxes IV. Our helmsman, one of the engineers, was able to get us close to the planet, but an unexpected ion storm caused our landing to be less…graceful than it might have been. We had hardly left the runabout to assess the damage when we were surrounded by several beings in the remains of Starfleet uniforms. These beings displayed little intelligence and began throwing rocks in our general direction. While they managed to hit one of our security officers, both members of the security team performed admirably, knocking one out and scaring the rest off.

Together, our merry band made our way to the science station whence the distress signal came. On the way, our Vulcan security chief created a bridge across a deep ravine that would have been impassable otherwise. The various plant life on the planet interested our junior science officer, a keen young Andorian who discovered that one vine in particular would prevent our Trill crew from suffering from insect bites. However, some other plant life made several of our members, including me, suffer from uncomfortable levels of paranoia.

When we reached the science station, we found evidence of battle – the exterior had been damaged, and the interior looked as though wild animals had ransacked it. We could hear a muffled voice behind a closed and locked door, and the security team and I investigated while the Trill worked on getting the power running and the other science officer reviewed the research that had been done before whatever events had taken place.

We learned several things: the beings that attacked us were the members of the science team assigned to this station; they had begun devolving when the ion storm hit a little over a week prior to our arrival; and the scientists had just made a breakthrough in a potential cure for Irumodic Syndrome. Clearly, these people needed our help.

Working together, we were able to cure the devolution and produce the needed pieces to get our runabout going. Shortly, we were able to continue our way as the scientists made their way back to their station. For a first adventure, our team pulled together remarkably well. I can only hope that the rest of the crew of the Tethys works as well together as we happy few have.


Stardate 48071.2

Note- Remember to set this log to ‘private’

Arrived USS Tethys to begin new assignment as the vessel’s junior security officer and armorer. Transfer from runabout USS Santa Fe has been logged, and both ship’s rosters have been updated. All stores properly accounted for, inspected, and returned to inventory.

I am concerned about this crew.

Upon picking up a distress call (and responding as per protocol) we were forced to make an emergency landing due to an ion storm. I was not at the helm, nor could I see the telemetry, but my gut tells me the incident was avoidable. After landing we were attacked by mutants. Our defense of the shuttle was a success, but the operation was slipshod. Commander Bulve tried to act decisively, but my feeling is that this crew (myself included) needs extensive small unit training, or future incidents may end in disaster.

After some questionable risks by the security chief, and an unnecessary exercise in botany, we arrived at the research base. After a few hours the situation was remedied. Again though, there were events which gave me pause. ONE-Failure to declare quarantine when all evidence pointed to a possible exposure to the crew TWO-Restoring communications should have been first priority, not looking for a cure THREE-when I attempted to debrief a suspicious member of the science team I was publicly rebuffed by the Commander. Such reprimands should have gone through chain of command to the security chief as per regulations.

I have decided against filing a formal protest for now. All members of the landing party (noted exception of our Andorian science officer, who performed with by-the-book precision) demonstrated questionable or dangerous lapses in judgment. It is my hope that this was just “rust”, and with time, training, and the integration of our full staff the performance of ALL members of the landing party will be improved-again with the noted exception of our Andorian science officer, who ought to get a commendation for her actions in the field.

Remember Lance, make this log PRIVATE. You don’t want this going on the public forum, like what happened back on the USS Charles de Gaulle.


An out-of-character note:

Thank you all for showing up. I now have a better grasp on the system – extended tasks in particular. It’ll only get better from here. :-)

I should have characters uploaded by the end of the week for those of you whose characters aren’t already uploaded.

I’ll let you know when I’m free for S01E02.


Comment – Varod (my Trill) is actually a helmsman first and engineer second, it’s just there wasn’t a lot of flying to be done this mission.


I don’t think she could see your table tent with its red shirt indicator.

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